River Lochy

The Fishing

The Lochy fishings is divided into 4 daily rotating beats, each of around 2.5 miles and each accommodating up to 4 rods.

The fishing is by fly only (with the exception of Mucomir pool-right bank) and a partial catch and release programme is in operation.

  • May and June – Lochy Springers- fish averaging between 12lbs and 30lbs+
  • July and AugustMSW salmon and grilse
  • September and October – the best of both worlds – autumn grilse and some big late running salmon

The Lochy is one of the most improved salmon rivers in Scotland over the last few years (32 fish in 1998 compared with 1500 in 2005 and 2007) It has also seen a revival in the number of large MSW fish…. (see 30lb+ page). With the majestic Ben Nevis as a backdrop, mouth-watering pools and glides, it is, without doubt, “The Queen of Scottish Rivers”.

The River : it runs clear even in high water. During the season water temperatures never get too low and usually average in and around the mid 50’s °F. Being a short, relatively shallow river, the fish are typically very fresh and fight extremely hard.

Rods : 12-15ft, rated 8-11wt. Most pools are open and casting is unhindered; but the ability to Spey/ underhand cast is a major plus and will help to maximise your chances. Distance casting is not often required but some pools maybe 50-60m wide so it helps to be able cover the water.

Lines : Both traditional speylines and shooting heads will work here, although for maximum flexibility and ease of casting, in all locations, shooting heads may offer a slight advantage. Floating lines/heads with various densities of sink tips will cover most situations and times of the year. However, it is always useful to have different densities of lines just in case the need arises.

Flies : Many of the traditional shrimp style patterns work well here for the summer grilse, typically in sizes 8-12 or small coneheads. Equally as good is the Sunray Shadow or Monkey fly in various lengths. Fished fast in the clear pools, the results can be spectacular. In late summer and autumn smaller and darker flies such as stoats tail, red-butt and black francis can work well. These can be tied on small hooks and/or micro-tube fashion.

Fishing : Early season is all about searching for those MSW fish which tend to migrate through the river quickly. It pays to fish key taking spots many times over the course of the day. You can’t over fish a “good” pool at this time of year. When the grilse arrive it pays to check tide times as this can often coincide with a run of fish. They can often enter the river 2hrs before high-tide and make passage upstream. Obviously the lower down you are (beat 4) the more crucial your timing will be. High summer can mean early starts and late finishes, particularly when bright weather /warm persists. As late summer and autumn arrives, varying tactics will often pay-off as many fish will have seen most fly selections. Another point to note is that the Lochy is a clear river and thus, in times of low water, fished can be spooked easily. Stealth is key to success.

Guiding/Ghilling : We have a list of excellent self-employed guides/ghillies who know the river well. For first timers to the river, I’d recommend a taking a guide.

Travel : The Lochy is situated 3hrs north of Glasgow and Edinburgh and 1hr 30mins south of Inverness. It is mandatory to have a car as you need to drive between the beats.

Accomodation : We have a list of excellent accommodation to suit all tastes and sizes of fishing parties. From the superb Camisky Lodge on Beat 3 which sleeps up to 14 to smaller country cottages (Ivy and Willow) which sleep 6 and 10. These are all easily accessible from the river.

Cooks / Catering can be arranged if required.

Booking and Availability

Please email me for rod/week availability. john.veitch@riverlochy.co.uk

Alternatively you can book via Fishpal

Parties who book all 4 rods for the week will be given priority the following year.


Jon Gibb: Hatchery and Restoration Manager

Jon Gibb fishing

Jon Gibb is the Lochy’s Hatchery and Restoration Manager with a responsibility to spearhead the continued rejuvenation of the river’s salmon stocks. Operating one of the largest wild salmon hatcheries in the country for the benefit of the river, Jon also delivers salmon and sea-trout stocking projects on 9 other diferent rivers in the region. He is also the Clerk to the Lochaber District Salmon Fishery Board, the statutory body responsible for the protection and enhancement of migratory fish stocks in all of the catchments in the Lochaber region of the West Coast.

John Veitch: River Manager

As River Manager my objective is to offer a first class salmon fishing experience to all our clients and proprietors who come to fish the Lochy. Within my remit for this role I have responsibility for all fishery administration and management, marketing and client relationship. I also coordinate and manage the key functions for Guiding/Ghilling and River Patrol.