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Season 2014

Week comm 6th Oct

This was a week where weather and conditions influenced catches greatly. We got water, which was welcome, but we also had temperature inversions – that is water temp warmer than air. We also had very low barometric presssure for 3 days, despite the rather benigne sunny conditions. However it was a lovely week just to be out on the river!! Our anglers did enjoy some good fishing when the fish came on. The Wharton party managed 10 salmon up to 15lbs and 18 seatrout, with many more lost. The O’Neill party manged 5 including a PB for Gerry himself. See photo. This fish would have been around 28lbs when fresh in. It took him a full 30mins to land…..Fence pool is not the easiest place on the river to land a big salmon. He went on to lose another 20lbs+ on Beat 2 later in the week.

Next week is our final week of the season. Hope we can finish on a high!!!


If you want to inquire about opportunities for 2015, now is the time to email me.


River Heights

If you are checking the river heights via fishpal: www.fishpal.com/Scotland/Lochaber/RiverLevels1.asp?dom=Pal please note that their height is approx 4-6 inches more than SEPA and our gauges.

Gerry O’Neil with his PB from Fence pool